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Curious about the progress of a site under construction? See our tower progress page here.

Longitude (DMS): 75° 50' 34.8" W
Longitude (DEC): -75.84300
Latitude (DMS): 39° 03' 24.3" N
Latitude (DEC): 39.05675

Development Status: Services Initiated
Structure Type: Monopole
Height: 195'
Ground Elevation: 58'
Appurtenances AMSL: 253'
Available Mounting Heights: 191' 179' 167' 155' 143'
Compound Size: 100' x 100'
Address: 24645 Goldsboro Rd. Henderson, MD 21640
State: Maryland
County: Caroline
Jurisdiction: Caroline County, MD
Zoning: Neighborhood Commercial
Tenant Ready:
Contact Person:

Anchor tenant on board! Expect to be in zoning by end of 2023!