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Curious about the progress of a site under construction? See our tower progress page here.

Longitude (DMS): 77°40'01.02"W
Longitude (DEC): -77.666950
Latitude (DMS): 38°26'46.75"N
Latitude (DEC): 38.446319

Development Status: Tenant Ready
Structure Type: Monopole
Height: 195'
Ground Elevation: 318'
Appurtenances AMSL: 513'
Available Mounting Heights: 167', 155', 143' and below
Compound Size: 60' x 60'
Address: 3590 Rivenoak Ln., Goldvein, VA 22720
State: Virginia
County: Fauquier
Jurisdiction: Fauquier County
Zoning: Rural Agricultural
Tenant Ready: Yes (March 2019)
Contact Person:

Available for colocation, help with a quick permit (less than 30 days) available.